Custom software solutions

Contrary Code LLC is an individually owned software development company. Contrary Code is a good choice for your small projects where you need to keep your costs low. I have experience with a variety of technologies and experience with a wide range of project needs from data integrations and migrations to customer facing web based and mobile applications.

Spreadsheet of time estimates

Problems that need solutions

When is a custom software solution worthwhile? It makes sense to first look at current retail software products. It could be more cost effective to change your business processes to fit existing software solutions. It might also work to find a low-code platform that can do what you need if you have enough capacity inside your business.

Design editor

Designing a solution

A good design is one that anticipates future possibilities without over complicating the initial release. Large projects can be broken down into smaller projects that build on each other so that you can start using your software sooner rather than later. Small projects are designed with a path to enhanced features. I have experience designing applications for the desktop, web and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

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Scaling your idea

The tools that I use are designed to scale and can be deployed in house or on many of the modern hosting providers giving you the opportunity to keep your costs low if you don’t need a lot of capacity, but giving the opportunity to add capacity when you need.