About Wesley and Contrary Code

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Contrary Code was started in 2022 after working for more than 20 years as a software developer. Most of my work has been for a non-profit international relief organization doing a variety of tasks including desktop support, network management, server management, software migrations, data integrations and in-house application design and implementation. In the past 10 years, most of my experience has been with Django based application servers. More recently, I have begun using Flutter to implement user interfaces allowing me to design for the Web, mobile and the desktop.

For the past decade I worked as a self employed contractor. Starting Contrary Code is the next step in my work to continue doing what I’ve enjoyed for the past 20 years: developing software solutions for business problems.

Why “Contrary Code”?

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The name “Contrary Code” comes from some humor between my wife and I. For many years my wife thought that I was an optimist and then on one occasion, when she was being uncharacteristically optimistic, I became pessimistic. She asked why I was being pessimistic, wasn’t I an optimist? I responded by saying that I wasn’t an optimist, I was contrary.

Being “contrary” sounds like a negative in the business sense, but being contrary can be a very helpful dose of realism. Feeling negative about the prospects of finding a solution? I can help by giving an optimistic perspective. Is your idea overly ambitious? I can help take your expectations down a notch and provide a realistic path forward to achieving essential goals as you take your next steps.