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Scaling your idea

Most of my experience is with small and medium sized organizations. How well will something I create scale? It will scale to the point where you will be able to afford to pay a bigger company to do the work to help you scale your idea to the next level. The solutions that I provide are written using some of the most popular programming languages and you can easily find a bigger and better team to continue the work of scaling your ideas to the next level.

What is great about modern computing services is that what used to be impossible for an individual developer to accomplish by themselves is now possible. Postgres, Django and Flutter will scale on cloud based service providers fairly easily and at reasonable costs and with fairly good security practices in place. I can help you push the limits of your ideas to reach more people or carry more weight.

How much will your idea scale? A lot depends on how complex your idea is. I have written some complex systems that have required more work to scale to handle more users. I have also written very simple applications that run on the smallest of virtual machines and deliver excellent performance. All the systems that I have worked on to-date have been smaller in scale and have not exceeded more than a hundred simultaneous users.

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