Design editor

Designing a solution

Most of my experience is with small and medium sized organizations and my services are best suited to small scale projects. I have experience with networked computer environments, software system installations, migrations, upgrades and implementation of custom software solutions.

Are you considering a custom software solution? Contact me and we can set a time to meet and work through the big picture. It normally doesn’t take long to figure out if using WordPress with plugins is a more cost effective solution for what you need. Also, a custom software solution is rarely the solution if you already have a good system that you’re not using to its full potential.

Most of my work centers around data, how it’s structured and how it needs to move. My work usually involves a number of meetings where I work out a model for the data and the supporting structures around it including how people will interface with the structures. When working on a design for an interface for a software solution, I can work with a designer of your choice or I can create a mock-up of a basic functional design. Once we come to an agreement on the project specifications I can create a quote for the project.

While I have experience with a wide variety of technologies (Delphi, Javascript, VBA) most of my recent experience has been with Python, specifically the Django application framework and Dart, specifically the Flutter tools and framework. I typically develop Django to run in a Docker environment which gives a lot flexibility for deploying the end product. I am familiar with a variety of database technologies including Sybase, Firebird, MSSql, MySql, but I use Postgresql most often these days. Postgresql, Django, Flutter and Docker are opensource products which are great for keeping costs low.

Flutter is fairly new, but it provides me the ability to write code that can be easily reused between the web and mobile. I have experience with deploying products to the web, the Apple app store and Google play.

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